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Tailift Reach Trucks


Tailift's electric reach trucks provide the user with longer periods of operation, greater stability, and advanced safety features, making this a valuable addition to any materials handling operation.  

Excellent features

- AC control system monitors power consumption, providing longer periods of operation between charges.

- The rigid overhead guard and mast have been designed to allow for maximum visibility for increased safety.

- Stable turning radius of between 1610 and 1755, depending on model.

- All trucks are fitted with a small diameter steering wheel making operation easier.

- A brushless motor is used, reducing the cost of maintenance.



Tailift reach trucks

    RE14 RE16 RE20
Type of control   Seated Seated Seated
Load capacity kg 1400 1600 2000
Load centre mm 600 600 600
Turning radius mm 1610 1705














Reach Truck Brochure


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